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Torah - (teaching) Was given to the Jewish People on Mount Sinai and to this day is the main Book of the Law of the Commandments and Decrees of the Most High, recorded by Moshe (Moses) in five Books of the Torah.

Torah is accepted in its entirety! Absolutely! You cannot remove or add anything from the Torah! It is impossible to partially accept the Commandments and Decrees in the Law. You can not break the Commandments, Ordinances, Law.

Torah is a Book that is customarily read daily in the morning and in the evening as a Law, as a Commandment, as a Decree of the Almighty, obligatory for execution!

Torah - Has a hidden meaning and spiritual types. For example, the word Man, which the People of Israel ate in the wilderness, is a type of spiritual food - the Torah, which we must eat in our wilderness. You may ask why the author compares our world with a desert, but isn't this a spiritual desert? Therefore, living in this world (desert) and eating Torah (Mann), a person will not perish before God and will be spiritually alive! Likewise, the exit from Egypt (Mizraim which means embossing) As it was in those distant times so today, deciding to leave life without God, we leave our Egypt finding freedom in life with the Creator Living as the Almighty teaches us in this wonderful Book of Torah!

Torah - Divided into Weekly Chapters and teaches us to study these Chapters carefully every day, allowing us to go through a full cycle of study in a year. The beginning of the reading of the Torah on the Feast of Shawot (Day of the Giving of the Torah) Every first day of the week (Sunday), the beginning of the reading of the Weekly Chapter and the end of the reading on the seventh day of Saturday (Shabbat). Torah - Dan to return people to the Almighty after the sad expulsion of Adam and Eve (Chava) from the Garden of Eden (Garden of Eden)